Robotic Process Automation | How does it work?

The phrase “software engineering” or “software robot” is no longer strange to us. These technological inventions are of great significance to promote economic and social development. It is the motivation for us to continue promoting human creativity in the field of artificial intelligence.

One of the most popular smart technology products today is Robotic Process Automation. The following article will help you understand how an RPA works as well as the benefits that software robots bring.

How RPA software works

Robotic Process Automation is a software robot that uses artificial intelligence to improve productivity and automate desk-based workflows: entering data or aggregating various systems. The robot acts as an office worker, performing repetitive tasks in a certain sequence.

The difference of RPA compared to other technologies applying artificial intelligence is the ability to self-learn. This software robot wants to operate requiring human intervention. It is not capable of self-learning and understanding human language and emotions. All RPA operations need to be pre-installed.

A simple example is when you want Robotic Process Automation to do some office work on your behalf. You will need to set up standard procedures for RPA. At that time, the robot will memorize the sequence. In the future, RPA will do the work based on the available script. Setting up an RPA process is similar to training a new employee. This virtual assistant only needs one instruction to be able to do exactly what is assigned.

The advantage of Robotic Process Automation is that it is easy to understand, easy to do, and easy to implement. Specifically, the software robot has a user-friendly interface.

The process of setting up the process is quite easy, suitable for everyone. So you do not need programming knowledge. All operations are easy to grasp and perform. This is the strength of RPA for businesses and business companies to choose to use.

How does RPA work

Benefits of RPA

Robotic Process automation means a lot to us. RPA not only helps us to solve the problem of human shortage but it also helps to improve productivity and work efficiency. Many companies have chosen RPA as a virtual assistant to handle desk jobs. They are very appreciative of how effective RPA is. Here are some benefits that Robotic Process Automation brings:

The optimal solution to the problem of staff shortage

A clear example of RPA in improving the lack of human resources is in Japan. According to statistics, Japan’s working-age population has shrunk rapidly from more than 86 million (2000) to over 75 million (2020) (source:

This is an urgent alarm number for this developed country. For that reason, the concept of software robots was born to solve that situation.

Robotic Process Automation contributes to overcoming the difficulties in human resources that most developed and developing countries have. RPA can automate work with fixed logic without human intervention. It can work with 3 times the productivity of humans. Software robots have the advantage of not being limited in working time. It can work 24 hours continuously with absolute accuracy.

Save labor cost

RPA is an intelligent robot that handles repetitive work according to a certain process. A special feature is that the processing time of the robot is twice as fast as that of a human.

Therefore, there is no reason that we do not choose virtual assistant software to apply to desk jobs. The use of RPA will help businesses save a lot of labor costs as well as improve work efficiency.

Optimizing processes and eliminating manipulation errors

Using RPA at work helps the company to optimize the work process. From the installation for RPA, we will evaluate the efficiency of the work so that we can optimize and change the operations. Since then, working performance has been enhanced and improved significantly.

Robotic Process Automation will minimize manipulation errors in work. When working, people will inevitably make mistakes. But RPA is almost impossible. The degree of perfection of this software robot is up to approximately 100%. Since it is a software engineering robot, RPA is not governed by human emotions or influences.

Relieve pressure and automate office work

The RPA intelligent robot can automate the workflow. You just need to install the process, the next time RPA will follow with absolute accuracy.

In addition, Robotic Process Automation also supports office workers to relieve work pressure. Employees will not have to do boring repetitive tasks. Instead, they can move on to do more specialized work that RPA can’t do. From there, businesses can make the most of their employees’ creative resources.

Where RPA fits

RPA was born to support and replace humans doing some repetitive work with fixed logic. It is applied in desk jobs: data entry, data processing. Currently, there are many companies that have successfully applied software robots. Here are some areas where you can use RPA:


  • Manage shipping and order processes
  • Monitor the automatic delivery of employees
  • Receiving, storing and processing orders
  • Finance and banking
  • Balance, tax and interest reporting
  • Processing credit card activity
  • Insert information
  • Manipulating office tools
  • Appraisal of loan documents
  • KYC (Know your customer)

Insurance field

  • Sales support, customer data collection
  • Sign up for auto insurance
  • Transfer data, insurance policies from different systems
  • Insurance appraisal
  • Notice of insurance package program


To sum up, we can see the level of efficiency that Robotic Process Automation brings to businesses and organizations. There are many people who feel anxious about the appearance of RPA. Because they think software robots will take their jobs. But that thinking is completely wrong about the purpose of RPA.

RPA technology robot was born to assist humans with logically repetitive tasks. For tasks that require creativity, RPA cannot handle it. Instead, it is the perfect and creative human brain that can take responsibility and complete those jobs well. If you still have questions about RPA, please contact WinActor Platform for support.


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Top 12 benefits of RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a testament to the success of humans in finding solutions to optimize work. Here are the top 12 benefits of RPA that will power up your business.

1. Improve Business Output

To evaluate the effectiveness of Robotic Process Automation, scientists had humans and RPA do the same job for a certain time. And the results that followed surprised everyone. Software robots can get the job done faster and more accurately than humans. The robot’s completion time is only half that of ours. It proves that the software robot is doing its job well to help improve the company’s productivity.

The application of RPA in business, such as processing orders, creating orders, taking care of customers, … will help your business be convenient and effective. RPA’s level of fulfillment will increase order conversion rates. Customer service is also significantly improved.

2. Reduced Risks

Operational error at work is a situation that any employee can encounter. Especially for jobs that need high concentration, such as data entry or data aggregation, mistakes are obvious. When we are wrong, we will spend a lot of time correcting the information.

Therefore, the RPA software assistant was born to overcome that situation. Technological robots can work continuously without being dominated by humans. Above all, the absolute accuracy of RPA is a huge plus, contributing to improving the performance of businesses. All implementation procedures of RPA are pre-programmed. The robot will remember and follow the available script without any errors.

3. Employee Cost Reduction

Every month, the total cost that businesses have to pay employees is very large. Labor costs are always a big problem for business owners. They are always looking for ways to optimize work, innovating working methods to minimize this huge cost. One of the ways used by companies today is to replace people with RPA in some departments.

RPA is a software robot that specializes in handling repetitive office tasks with fixed logic. The robot can work 24 hours continuously and has no working time limit. So, humans cannot work 24 hours a day without rest. That proves that RPA has a much higher performance than humans. Robotic Process Automation has the same productivity as 2 to 3 office workers. Therefore, RPA is the optimal choice to help reduce labor costs for businesses.


4. Reduced Errors

Manipulation errors are a problem that most employees can make. For complex data that is linked between many different systems, the occurrence of errors will greatly affect your work.

RPA is capable of working continuously with absolute precision. Robots will help you minimize manipulation errors. Since then, data quality has improved, relieving work pressure for office staff.

5. Quick Output

Robotic Process Automation is capable of analyzing and synthesizing data much faster than humans. The average time it takes for a robot to handle a job is only half that of a human. That proves the efficiency of the robot in a fixed logical work block. Therefore, RPA is widely applied in the fields of customer care and automatic information search.

6. Higher Quality Data

Reliable data sources will facilitate business analysts to make the right direction. For seasoned employees, data analysis can also be flawed. That has a significant impact on the quality of the source.

Software robots can analyze faster and more accurately than humans. The data that RPA also provides is highly reliable. Although RPA still has some errors, it does not affect the data quality much later.

7. More scope for Data Collection

Process automation robots can interact with many different systems. They will quickly restore previously manually extracted data. RPA allows users to access and analyze accurate data, significantly reducing staff time.

8. Reduced workload

The work of an office block worker always brings a lot of pressure to them. Because they have to process a large amount of data in a day, it will be difficult for them to undertake and complete the work in one day.

Therefore, RPA has become an effective assistant for businesses. Because RPA can quickly solve many types of tasks with fixed logic, its working time is not limited. Specifically, it can work 24h non-stop with absolute accuracy. The productivity of robots is twice that of humans. Since then, Robotic Process Automation has become an effective assistant to relieve work pressure for employees.

9. Empowering Employee

RPA supports employees in tasks that require perseverance and high concentration. It has become an effective assistant to help employees complete their work efficiently. From there, they will receive high appreciation from the leader. In addition, employees can do other jobs that require creativity and are less boring.

10. Compliance Benefits

The RPA software robot is not capable of self-learning. It can only work when it is pre-installed by humans. The robot always follows the process that the employee has created. Therefore, RPA will minimize errors, inconsistencies, or non-compliance. Data quality is also significantly improved with absolute accuracy.

11. Clearly defined governance

Robotic Process Automation pushes companies to define clear governance structures. Because each part needs to be identified for each specific application, RPA will comply with the administrator’s requirements.

12. Scalability

Depending on the needs of the business, RPA can be used to scale. For example, in an insurance company, when an unexpected disaster occurs. They will need more labor options. At that time, RPO can work immediately to balance the force, meeting the needs of users.


Above are 12 outstanding effects of RPA in different fields. Not only that, Software Robot also has many other great applications to serve the needs of users.

RPA has all the advanced features to be an excellent software assistant. In the future, it will definitely become one of the effective assistants to help businesses solve work quickly and conveniently.

WinActor has all the essentials to be a great RPA product. In addition to a team of enthusiastic consultants, you will receive many preferential policies for customers when using this product of ours. Take advantage of WinActor to optimize your workflow and save your company’s budget. Good luck!


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What is Robotic Process Automation RPA?

Nowadays, the application of technology to work has gradually become familiar to us. One of the most widely used software robots today is Robotic Process Automation. So, what is RPA? Stay tuned for the article below.

What Is Robotic Process Automation – RPA Software?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. This is the name of a type of software robot that specializes in automatic tasks on computers according to presets.

People often call RPA “digital worker” or “digital labor” because it replaces humans to handle repetitive tasks for a long time with extreme precision.

Where can RPA be used?

Currently, RPA is mainly used in offices, business stores or import-export companies. Robotic Process Automation can work continuously for 24 hours. Its working capacity is 3 times that of humans with absolute precision. Therefore, automated robots are widely used in tasks such as data entry, order creation, granting access rights, searching for information, etc.

Currently, reporting or data aggregation jobs on Office software can all use RPA to solve. Robotic Process Automation has been successfully applied in some fields such as customer care or human resource management. The effectiveness of software robots is assessed by productivity and job completion time.

Financial institutions and banks, where data management systems are complex, incomplete, and unconnected, need RPA to process and aggregate redundant data over a long period of time.

Robotic Process Automation RPA

Benefits of RPA

What is benefits of RPA? RPA is of great significance in addressing the need for human resources shortage and reducing the workload for employees. In addition, software robots also have many practical applications such as:

1. Automate tasks

RPA will help us to carry out continuous work for a long time without any human impact. We just need to install the program; RPA will automatically remember and operate according to the predetermined process.

2. Increase work productivity

The RPA software robot can operate with extreme precision. It will replace us to handle the work, in addition to saving time, we can take advantage of human resources to develop other areas.

3. Minimizing manipulation errors

When doing high-precision jobs in continuous time, mistakes are inevitable. Usually, it is difficult for us to detect our own mistakes. In addition, handling false information such as data entry and invoices will take a lot of time because it involves a lot of different linked information.

Therefore, RPA has promoted its features to help us minimize manipulation errors. You only need to install it once, and the software will remember the work procedures, follow and eliminate mistakes. A special feature of RPA is that robots are not distracted like humans. They operate at 100% capacity. From there, the robot automates the software to help us save time and increase work productivity.

4. Reduce labor costs

According to customer reviews, Robotic Process Automation is the best software engineering robot available today. They can get the job done quickly, less than half the time compared to human manipulation. Therefore, we can save many costs for the business because employees will not have to work overtime and go to work on holidays.

5. Solve the problem of human resources shortage

Currently, businesses are facing a serious shortage of human resources. RPA robot was reproduced to contribute to solving human resource problems for businesses. In addition, one software robot is as productive as 3 office workers. Because it can work for 24 hours continuously with absolute accuracy.

Types of RPA

We can divide RPA into 2 main categories: Attended RPA and Unattended RPA.

1. Attended RPA

Attended RPA is a public software robot that is permanently installed for a certain server. This new technological robot requires human intervention to be able to remember the stage and perform automatically. For this type of robot, the user can operate in parallel with Attended RPA and self-start by certain user actions on the computer. Therefore, Attended RPA is also known as a personal assistant or virtual assistant software.

Attended RPA is widely used in front-office operations and processes that cannot be fully automated and require human intervention at some point. The outstanding advantage of Attend RPA is that it allows users to coordinate simple tasks such as data conversion and search quickly. From there, users will have more time to focus on more complex jobs that robots cannot do.

2. Unattended RPA

Unattended RPA works on an organization’s server without human intervention. Software robots are now different from AI in their self-learning ability. Unattend RPA cannot self-learn but requires human intervention so that they can remember and repeat the action next time.

In addition, this type of software robot can automatically launch a certain event, performing a pre-set process based on a schedule and API. This software robot can self-aggregate and analyze huge volumes of data from the entire organization. Therefore, unattended RPA helps businesses streamline the data and processes of each department.

The advantage of RPA is that it will not affect the user’s activities on the computer. Robots can perform assigned processes from multiple sources. Therefore, Unattended RPA is widely applied in insurance companies, import-export companies.

We often mistakenly think that attended and unattended RPA are two opposite solutions. But we were wrong, and when you combine these two types of software robots, it will optimize the efficiency of applying RPA many times. A clear example is when we apply attended RPA to a workflow. Software automated robots will get the job done faster and more accurately. At the same time, we use unattended RPA for processes that require interaction with the system without human intervention.

How does RPA work?

The RPA software robot acts like an office worker, manipulating the computer and performing repetitive tasks with absolute precision. For example, if you want RPA to do something, you will need to set up a workflow so that RPA can remember and execute it.

You will not need IT knowledge to program RPA to work. Content manipulation workflow can be built and adjusted when creating scripts for RPA. As a result, office workers can easily set up RPA for different jobs. In addition, RPA is different from Excel Macro because RPA does not create unmanageable content scenarios.

What are the pros and cons of RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is widely applied today because it has outstanding advantages. According to user feedback, RPA can cut the working time in half with near-absolute accuracy. RPA’s working time is 3 times that of normal office workers, and RPA can handle repetitive work continuously. In addition, RPA can aggregate and process a huge amount of data that we would normally take a long time to process.

The disadvantage of RPA is that it cannot be self-taught. All the work it does is pre-installed by humans. In addition, RPA can only handle repetitive tasks, it cannot create or automatically do another job.

How much does RPA cost?

For RPA, you can easily find software robots on websites with different prices. Depending on the needs of the product and the job requirements, users can choose from many types of RPA. To choose a technology robot that suits the price and job requirements, you need to compare the functions and services offered by different brands carefully.

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WinActor is a technology product that provides reliable RPA solutions in the market. When using WinActor, you will be supported by the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable consultants in the field of technology. They are always ready to answer any questions from customers about the services.

In addition, when buying WinActor, you will be able to participate in many preferential promotions for customers. In addition, we are committed to the quality of WinActor that can satisfy the most demanding customers.


RPA not only helps us relieve work pressure, but it also helps us solve huge workloads in a short time with absolute accuracy. In the future, Robotic Process Automation will become an effective assistant for businesses to solve the problem of human shortage, minimize labor costs and increase work productivity.


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RPA Thailand: why is it necessary to adopt RPA?

The RPA Thailand market has witnessed rapid development. The reason is that more and more Thailand companies realize that they need to implement this technology in daily operation and manufacturing for optimization.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is a software technology that helps to eliminate human tasks in digital systems and software by building, deploying, and managing bots (software robots). Robotic process automation software can replace employees in many repetitive tasks, but more accurately and in less time. An IT robot, backed with robotic process automation, can operate the computer for business processes and tasks on behalf of employees.

RPA used to be introduced as a tool that brought office work improvement and working reform. And since it was introduced to the business world until now, it has never disappointed any business. By reducing the number of regularly repetitive tasks, RPA technology will help companies achieve work efficiency improvement.

RPA Thailand trend

RPA Thailand market is recognized as one of the most dynamic nations in this IT field. Thailand companies are adopting robotic process automation in specific tasks in their overall operation and manufacturing to gain advantages in efficiency, security, time-saving, and resources.

RPA is used mostly in finance and accounting in Thailand these days. However, it does not stop here. Instead, Thailand companies will witness enormously increasing cases using robotic process automation. Finance and accounting full of competitive and computer-based tasks are good candidates for process automation. The RPA Thailand use cases will increase, and a chief example is the customer service field. Thailand companies always find ways to extend the range of robotic process automation used in their businesses, and customer service is an emerging area. No customers are willing to wait. By taking advantage of RPA Thailand technology, companies can respond to customers quickly and generate high levels of customer satisfaction – an essential factor to develop. However, before starting RPA with the customer service field, companies need to understand what they are automating.

Expanding RPA Thailand usage will raise concern over data privacy and security as they relate to RPA. RPA usage expansion requires Thailand companies to deploy related technologies such as process intelligence to automate data movement. Because it becomes easier to discover data across systems with RPA and other intelligent technologies, Thailand companies have to face a bigger threat to their data security.

RPA Thailand

Reasons Thailand businesses should adopt RPA

By adopting robotic process automation, Thailand companies will gain several benefits to facilitate their business improvement. Three main benefits can be gained: accuracy improvement, waste elimination, using up human resources, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Improve accuracy

Since employees are humans, there are always, even small, chances of making mistakes, especially when they do not feel well. Robots, on the other hand, are 100% accurate. Robotic process automation often allows businesses to eliminate errors that humans often make. By moving to RPA technology, companies will experience fewer errors and, of course, less time spent on fixing the mistakes.

The thing is that robotic process automation software has no attention, no distraction, and does not make mistakes related to numbers and calculation. Robots make things accurate from the very first start, leading to a significant base cost decrease and customer satisfaction increase at the same time.

 Secure resources of excellent employees

Another reason why Thailand companies should move to RPA Thailand technology is to secure human resources. By implementing robotic process automation into their businesses, Thailand companies can reduce the stress and burden on their excellent employees. Robots can do many repetitive tasks, leaving space and time for outstanding employees to focus more on important tasks.

Moreover, companies adopting RPA technology will experience a low retirement rate. The huge amount of repetitive and boring tasks will make employees sick, not to mention that functions relating to calculations always involve error risks. Employees no longer have to pay too much attention to these boring tasks and have time to do something more important and innovate. This motivates them strongly because they feel that they can contribute greatly to the development of the business.

Eliminate waste

Implementing RPA Thailand in operation and manufacturing can help companies eliminate waste. With this technological innovation, companies will review their current operation flow to see whether there are wastes somewhere. After that, they can eliminate those wastes and save the companies a huge amount of money.

Also, with the help of RPA Thailand technology, companies improve work efficiency and decrease waste of working time. In a specific business task, such as opening emails, an employee needs about 10 minutes to open 60 emails. A robot can do the same job but 10 times faster: 60 emails in just 1 minute.

Increase customer satisfaction

Every business is aware of the importance of customer satisfaction to the development of its company. Customer service employees understand it, but sometimes they cannot make all customers satisfied with the services. This sometimes does not come from subjective reasons but objective reasons. Due to the huge number of tasks to be solved, these employees cannot quickly solve customers’ problems, resulting in a bad customer experience.

RPA technology will free customer service employees from forms and tabulations; thus, they have more time for attentive customer service. Therefore, companies can achieve greater customer satisfaction, which is vital to their reputation.

RPA tool of WinActor – a leader in the game

WinActor is a comprehensive robotic process automation software that will help companies achieve competitive advantages in the tech era. RPA Thailand is a potential market with many big names operating in it, but WinActor finds its name at the top of the list. WinActor’s core technology was developed by NTT Laboratories and was commercialized by NTT-AT. First, this WinActor software will record a company’s tasks as scenarios, and then, it automates the repetitive operation tasks. It allows automation without any programming skills. Because WinActor provides a comprehensive RPA solution and is relatively simple to use, it has been introduced to more than 4,400 companies in many business sectors.

Without any doubt, the RPA Thailand trend will continue to grow and influence businesses positively. Since employees are free from repetitive and boring tasks, they can spend their spare time on creative works that contribute to the strategic development of the companies.


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RPA Indonesia: Why should Indonesian companies adopt RPA?

The business world has witnessed a significant increase in robotic process automation adoption in companies. And Indonesia – an emerging market – is not an exception. How does robotic process automation benefit Indonesian companies? What is trending in the Indonesia RPA market?

What is RPA?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation – a revolution in business process automation to optimize business operations while reducing costs. This process automation needs people to write instructions for a robot (bot) to perform. The robot here actually is not a physical one. Rather, it is a software robot running on a physical or virtual machine.

With the help of robotic process automation software, most mundane and repetitive tasks do not belong to employees only. In this automation process, people will play the role of a controller – overseeing the bots.

RPA Indonesia trend

The RPA Indonesia market is among the most developing and dynamic nations for robotic process automation. Indonesian companies are doing well in taking full advantage of RPA technology in their operation.

Since it was introduced in Indonesia, finance and accounting are the 2 main fields where RPA technologies are applied most. This trend is increasingly expanding to other fields such as manufacturing.

Besides, a similar feature of these fields is the huge number of repetitive, boring, and computer-based tasks. This feature makes them good candidates for robotic process automation technology. The expansion of usage cases I no doubt release in Indonesian companies and customer service is witnessing a significant increase in RPA technology. By applying robotic process automation technology, customer service employees no longer have to enter customer information into a database form. This task now belongs to the bots, leaving time for employees to respond to customer requests and leading to a great increase in customer satisfaction.

RPA Indonesia’s market expansion also raises concerns related to data privacy and security. To automate data movement, Indonesian companies have to adopt related technology, for instance, process intelligence. RPA technology and related software will make it easier to discover and collect data across the companies’ systems. However, it does come with a cost: a threat to data security that requires solutions.

RPA Indonesia

Benefits of implementing RPA tool in Indonesia companies

More and more companies worldwide are applying robotic process automation technology in their businesses to facilitate improvement. Indonesia companies need to adopt this tech advance if they are about to survive and achieve continuous development.

More accurate

Since employees are just humans, they are not 100% accurate all the time. Robotic process automation technology, on the other hand, works exactly as it is programmed. The errors made by humans can be eliminated with the help of robotic process automation. Once adopting RPA software to solve some specific tasks in their businesses,  companies will witness fewer errors. As a result, the time and effort needed to solve such errors will decrease significantly.

Robotic process automation technology does not make mistakes related to numbers and calculation – which often happen to humans. Moreover, these robots have no intention and no distraction, meaning that they just focus on their tasks and no one or thing can interrupt their work.  Robotic process automation technology is correct right from the start and all the efforts, leading to a huge covid-saving and high customer service.

Leave time and effort for intelligent employees to focus on important tasks 

Another reason why Indonesian companies have to implement robotic process automation is to secure human resources. Once RPA technology is used, Indonesian companies can reduce the burden put on employees. The employees are now free from boring and repetitive tasks; thus, they have time to focus more on strategic tasks that are helpful to the development of the companies.

Employees get sick of the large amount of repetitive and boring work. Once Indonesian companies adopt RPA in their operations, employees are free from such tasks. They now have time to do something more important and innovate, giving them a strong sense of contribution. Once they feel that they can contribute greatly to the development of the companies, they tend to stay longer. As a result, companies will experience a low retirement rate.

Reduce waste

Indonesia companies can eliminate waste once they implement RPA technology in their operations. This technological innovation allows businesses to review their current operation flow to see whether there are wastes in any specific task. Then, they can take action to eliminate those wastes and save the companies’ resources.

Moreover, RPA Indonesia technology allows companies to enhance work efficiency and decrease waste of working time. In comparison with humans, robotic process automation technology is faster and more accurate. For instance, if an employee can open 60 emails in 10 minutes, a robot in 10 minutes can open up to 600 emails – 10 times faster.

Gain customer satisfaction

Everyone doing business knows how important customer satisfaction is to their companies. The huge amount of tasks needed to be solved prevents customer service employees from providing good customer service. Robotic process automation will free them from forms and tabulations, giving them more time for attentive customer service tasks. Indonesia companies can achieve significant customer satisfaction easily once they are adopting RPA technology in their operations.

RPA tool of WinActor

WinActor is a comprehensive RPA tool that can help businesses optimize their operations. Although RPA Indonesia is a new market, many big names are operating in it because they see the potential of the RPA in this tech era. WinActor is among the best ones providing RPA solutions to businesses. NTT Laboratories developed its core technology. WinActor software will first overview the company’s tasks as scenarios and then automate repetitive and computer-based tasks. Since it is relatively simple to use, more than 4,400 companies worldwide are using it to optimize their operations.

The RPA Indonesia trend is affecting companies positively. More and more, Indonesia is turning to RPA technology for the competitive advantages that this tech innovation brings. Realizing the trend and optimizing business operations is what Indonesian companies should head for if they are about to survive and develop.



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RPA Vietnam: Benefits of RPA adoption in companies

An increasing trend in the business world is adopting robotic process automation RPA to optimize enterprise operations. What are the benefits that RPA Vietnam offers to companies, and how is it going in Vietnam?

A brief definition of RPA

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is defined as a form of business process automation that takes advantage of metaphoric software robots (often referred to as bots) or artificial intelligence workers. The aim is to eliminate boring, time-consuming, and repeatable tasks; thus, workers can put time and effort into higher-value work. RPA technology designs software programs to use in process automation.

Normally, in most businesses that are a newbie to robotic process automation, the bots (software programs) are made to log into applications, visit a website, enter data, copy data, calculate and complete tasks. However, based on the company’s demand and the skill level of the IT team, the bots can become more complicated and complete more tasks.

RPA Vietnam Trends

There is no doubt that RPA has increasingly become a vital part of the business world, not only in Vietnam but also in different parts of the world. RPA Vietnam is a tech trend and also the fastest-growing IT field. For all the great advantages it brings to businesses, RPA is applied in many giants such as AT&T Deutsche Bank, American Express, Global Business Travel, Ernst & Young,…More and more big names in different industries are moving to RPA, making it a trustworthy technology that all companies want to apply. In Vietnam, several big companies have kept up with the current RPA Vietnam trend to increase the company’s competitive advantages, heighten workers’ productivity while decreasing the number of tasks for employees.

The global RPA market size was valued at $1.89 billion in 2021, and it is forecasted to worth $13.74 billion in 2028. This means that the growth rate of this technology field in 2021 – 2028 is 32.8% – a dreaming growth rate of any industry. (Source: ). Some sectors with the highest part in the global RPA market share include BFSI; Information Technology and Telecom; Logistics, Energy, and Utilities; Pharma and Healthcare; Manufacturing; Retail and Consumer Goods and Communication, Media and Education. Vietnam, of course, is not out of the global robotic process automation trend for a large number of companies and manufacturers locating here. Vietnam is among the regions and nations that experience the highest RPA growth rate.

Vietnamese companies have successfully caught the global robotic process automation trend. The evidence is everywhere, especially in some giants. Those companies operating in the healthcare, banking, financing field have been applying this RPA tech in their businesses. This is to increase competition and labor productivity while decreasing pressure put on employees. According to a Vietnamese IT professional, the benefits of applying RPA in businesses are no doubt real. The benefits are demonstrated with the global RPA’s market capitalization of up to billions of dollars and an annual growth rate of more than 60%. Despite the ongoing economic fluctuations, robotic, and maximize process automation will replace humans in most repetitive tasks, and stimulate to achieve high accuracy, speed up operation, optimize human operations, and business resources to maximize work efficiency.

Why adopt RPA?

Companies can find many reasons to adopt robotic process automation technology. Overall, RPA technology will optimize and power up a business and a business while applying robotic process automation to be aware of what it can achieve with such technology.

Productivity growth

Normally, a robot backed by RPA technology focuses on just some specific tasks instead of working as a production line. Robotic process automation software can calculate, navigate and click through the screen in a few seconds, while it may take an employee a minute to look for some specific details. Of course, RPA technology cannot completely replace humans; however, the huge amount of time it creates is no doubt real. For instance, a robot can create a financial report in just 15 minutes, while this task normally takes an hour for staff to complete. Therefore, a business adopting RPA will experience a productivity boost.

Efficiency increase

An employee cannot work an 8-hour-working day without a break, but RPA technology can. Moreover, a robot never needs a vacation or gets a serious cough. A robot can work the same amount of tasks as two to five employees, meaning that the working hours saved would be 2 to 5 times more than an employee.  Robots can complete more volume of working tasks at the same time. A staff needs about 10 minutes to open 60 mails while RPA software can complete it in just 1 minute. And if every task is optimized with robotic process automation technology, businesses will benefit a lot.

Achieve remarkable accuracy

There is always a chance of mistakes if humans take part in a task, but things are completely different regarding RPA technology. The power of robotic process automation technology is its ability to eliminate processing errors. Testing, training, and governance are still required for a bot, but in comparison to employees, bots completely can do a better job when it comes to accuracy.

Strengthen security

Another benefit that RPA technology offers to companies is security increase. Because bots work on a granular level and perform only single tasks, companies do not need to worry about manufacturing process leakage. Of course, Robots do not directly interfere with the database system, but through software with interfaces. All the data accesses are documented and under control to prevent any potential industrial espionage. However, this also raises a concern over human resources. RPA technology cannot completely replace humans; thus, demanding employees who can handle a workforce, including humans and machines.

More about WinActor – an RPA solution

WinActor is a software robot developed by NTT Group and its technologies and experiences have been proven by various achievements. As a comprehensive RPA technology, WinActor has been used by more than 4,400 companies worldwide. WinActor just entered the Vietnam market in 2017, but more and more businesses, including the most difficult ones, are using it as a solution to optimize their tasks. Governmental agencies also choose WinActor as an important tool to move to digital government.

RPA Vietnam is no doubt the hottest IT trend at the moment. By adopting robotic process automation in specific tasks, companies can get free from reluctant charges to spend their time and effort in more strategic works.


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Introduction to WinActor RPA Solution

Robotic Process Automation is no doubt an incredible innovation in the business world that helps companies receive a major productivity boost. A reputable RPA provider is NTTRobotic Process Automation is no doubt an incredible innovation in the business world that helps companies receive a major productivity boost. A reputable RPA provider is NTT – a telecommunications giant from Japan. WinActor by NTT has every feature that makes it a comprehensive RPA solution businesses need.

WinActor – RPA solution companies look for

WinActor has been an RPA tool used by many big names in the business world. So what is WinActor? WinActor is a robotic process automation technology developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT Group). It is the fourth-largest telecommunications company in the world when it comes to revenue. Up to now, more than 6000 business customers from different fields have been implementing WinActor in their businesses’ operations.

More than replacing humans in repetitive tasks, WinActor accompanies businesses to improve business operations considerably. WinActor records business operation procedures as a scenario and then repeats them as many times as needed.


Characteristics of WinActor

WinActor’s incredible features support companies strongly in achieving a productivity boost. By implementing this tech advance in their operations, companies will definitely experience considerably positive changes. So what is WinActor’s strength that makes it stand out from other RPA solutions?

WinActor is a user-friendly RPA tool

WinActor is among the most simple and user-friendly RPA solutions. Employees with little or no IT background can learn to use it with no difficulty. The robotic process automation tool also allows employees to develop or modify the companies’ recorded scenarios in an intuitive way. Also, it improves continuously to best satisfy different demands of different businesses.

Their customer service department is willing to help

If a company implements a WinActor solution by the NTT Group but does not know where to start, the NTT customer service department is willing to assist. If the business customer is not sure about the RPA solution, the NTT Group also offers services such as consulting and assisting scenario development.

It is an adaptable RPA tool

WinActor NTT can satisfy every business demand. It is able to cope with various needs of business customers, no matter if it is small deployment or large-scale deployment. Small businesses can start with a small deployment and when they expand, the WinActor IT team is willing to assist.

Benefits of WinActor

While there are more and more RPA providers entering the market, WinActor by NTT still remains the best choice for what it brings to businesses.

It is user-friendly

Not all employees are backed with IT knowledge, thus, applying new technology sometimes needs time for them to get used to. WinActor by NTT, on the other hand, does not require employees’ IT knowledge to understand and use. They can start the robotic automation process right after installing the tool. Companies after implementing WinActor in some specific tasks can add or modify scenarios to suit their current demands.

It integrates with the company’s system smoothly

Smooth integration is another thing that makes companies satisfied with WinActor by NTT. Business customers do not need to change their current systems or working apps of employees when implementing the RPA tool. Aside from the office system, WinActor also can integrate with platforms, computer apps,…This makes business operations and management much more effective and makes the tool stand out from other RPA solutions.

Its price is reasonable

WinActor is among the most reasonable RPA solutions available in the market. It can be used in different fields. And with an initial investment, companies can have it working 24/7 on a huge amount of tasks in an accurate manner. The result is too excellent for a reasonable initial investment.

WinActor offers strong security

Despite being relatively cheap in comparison to other RPA tools, WinActor offers strong security. This is the main reason why more than 5000 business customers trust and use it in their operation lines. WinActor does not require an internet connection and does not impact the businesses’ database. Humans just receive the result and do not interact while the tool is doing its work. Therefore, WinActor can avoid the problem of data leakage and provides data security.

It can eliminate errors

WinActor is an RPA solution that can perform a large number of repetitive tasks in a short time but with perfect accuracy. Employees sometimes may make errors because they are just humans and it is unavoidable. This RPA solution, on the other hand, makes no mistake since it runs on pre-programmed scenarios. This tech does not have emotions like humans and can work continuously under any pressure. In comparison with employees, WinActor definitely can perform repetitive tasks faster and more accurately. Moreover, with repetitive tasks done by the WinActor tool, employees have time to focus on important and strategic business tasks. This sense of contribution is real and will make them stay longer.

Why should businesses choose WinActor?

Even though there are countless tools that assist businesses’ operation, WinActor still remains its first choice. This RPA tool succeeds in persuading businesses because of the outstanding benefits it offers:

  • Automate in all Windows software and application

  • Developed and applied by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation – a Japanese technology giant

  • Supported by IT professionals who are excellent, experienced and willing to assist with any related issues

  • Reasonable prices

  • Developed suitable for a variety of business models

  • Installed fast and easily

  • Easy to use

How to use WinActor

To implement the WinActor solution in businesses, companies first need to know how it works. This part will briefly introduce the process of deploying this RPA tool in business operations.

  • Getting in touch with WinActor provider – NTT group to know how to use WinActor: You can look for NTT local distributors in your countries and they will show you how it works. After the seminar, you will get a free trial to test WinActor in your working environment.

  • Clarifying your business goals: WinActor provider will work with you to identify which part of your operation can be improved with WinActor

  • Creating the scenario: WinActor team will create a trial scenario and this scenario can be modified to meet business’s demands

  • Making sure it works: IT team will make sure the custom WinActor tutorial is working properly.

  • Maintenance: WinActor team will work to make sure in case of any change, the WinActor tutorial stays working for you.

  • Expansion: Whenever a business wants to create new scenarios and increases its efficiency in other parts of its business, the WinActor team always provides ongoing support.

Moving parts of their operations to robotic process automation is vital to any business if they want to experience continuous development and thriving. Among countless RPA tool providers available in the market, the NTT Group is where you can look for a comprehensive RPA tool – WinActor at a relatively low price.


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NTT Group – a reputable WinActor RPA technology provider

Robotic process automation (RPA) is not a strange term for business managers and directors. Without any doubt, this technological advance has become an important part that helps companies achieve competitive advantages. WinActor is an RPA solution introduced by NTT Group – a Japanese tech giant.


Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Group

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) is the name that everyone in the telecommunication field must know. It is the fourth telecommunications company in the world when it comes to revenue. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation is also the fifth-largest publicly traded company in Japan. It is not exaggerated at all to say that NTT Group almost dominates the Japanese domestic electronic communications market.


Established in 1952 as a public corporation and the sole telecommunications company in Japan, for nearly 70 years of development, NTT Group became a telecommunications giant. Not only the large expansion of the NTT telephone network but also the vast increase in telephone subscribers makes every telecommunications company jealous.


From 1968, the NTT group expanded to the data communications field and soon performed excellent performance. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone corporation contributed considerably to the domination of Japan in the computer microchip industry. This is due to the huge demand for increasingly sophisticated electronic equipment and the group’s ability to support technology research and development with financial resources. Despite more and more telecommunications companies joining the market, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation still finds itself at the top of telecom businesses in Japan.

WinActor NTT – the best RPA solution for business from the NTT Group

WinActor is an RPA tech innovation made to help businesses optimize their operations in the explosive global digital revolution. This comprehensive robotic process automation tool allows companies to cut costs and focus more on activities that boost the companies’ value. WinActor is the leading RPA solution in Japan that is trusted by more than 6000 global business customers from multi-industry, including finance, accounting, logistics, retails,…

Main characteristics of WinActor

WinActor has some distinctive features that facilitate business operations to bring positive changes to working areas.


User-friendly and adaptable: WinActor is a user-friendly robotic process automation solution. Those with little or no information technology background can learn to use it in their works quickly and with no difficulty. It is always improved to suit different demands of different companies. Also, this WinActor technology allows employees to develop or modify the company’s scenarios in an intuitive way, even when they lack technology background, skills and experiences.

Willing to support any related issue in workplaces: WinActor NTT is a trusted solution that is used by many global business customers. The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone customer service department is willing to help their partners deploy robots. Also, in case their customers are not sure about RPA solutions in their businesses, NTT Group will offer services such as consulting or assisting scenario development.

Satisfy every demand: WinActor NTT can cope with various needs of business customers, from small deployment with several computers to large-scale deployment. For small start-ups, you obviously can start with a single PC. Thus, there is no need for huge initial investment and long-term development. With WinActor technology, employees can operate and control Windows applications such as Microsoft Office. Once deploying RPA technology on a large scale, businesses will experience greater safety and trustworthy robots’ operations.

Benefits of adopting WinActor tool in businesses

While there are more and more RPA solutions introduced to the business world, WinActor is among the best choices for all the benefits it brings.


It is user-friendly: WinActor is a comprehensive yet user-friendly RPA solution. Employees without an IT background can use it with no difficulty. They can start the robotic process automation right after installing WinActor, even on a personal computer. Companies also can add or modify scenarios to suit their demands most.

Smooth integration: WinActor can integrate smoothly, meaning that there is no need to change the current systems of businesses or the working apps of employees. Platform and app integration becomes easy when adopting WinActor. What makes the WinActor NTT stand out from other RPA solutions is that it can integrate with platform, computer apps,… aside from the office system. This makes business operations and management more effective.

A money-saving RPA solution: WinActor is among the most reasonable RPA solutions available in the market but it can be used in many different fields. It can work 24/7 with a huge amount of work tasks, resulting in higher efficiency for any company.

Strong security: More than 6000 business customers are using WinActor in their business operations not only because it is relatively cheaper than the others but also because of its strong security. WinActor NTT does not require the internet to work and does not use the companies’ database, humans only receive the last result. There is completely no impact in the process. Therefore, it eliminates the risks of data leakage for the companies.

Reduce errors: WinActor can perform a huge amount of repetitive tasks in a short time but with perfect accuracy. The reason is that it runs on pre-programmed scenarios in an accurate way and in a short time. Since humans do not perform such tasks, the errors are minimized. WinActor does not have emotions like humans and can work under any kind of pressure. This means that in comparison to employees, WinActor can complete repetitive tasks faster and much more accurately. And since these large numbers of repetitive and boring tasks are done by WinActor, employees can use their time and effort on important and strategic business tasks. Therefore, they feel that they are contributing something excellent to the development of the companies and tend to stay longer.

Turning to robotic process automation technology is no doubt a necessary thing to any business if they are about to survive and develop continuously. RPA is not a strange term to businesses but sometimes it is still hard to find a good RPA tool provider among a large number of providers out there. If you are seeking a comprehensive RPA solution at a reasonable cost, WinActor RPA tool is what you should head for.


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WinActor Support

WinActor is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software solution researched and developed by NTT DATA Corporation to help businesses master technology, create breakthroughs in the digital age 4.0 by stability, accuracy, and time reduction, optimize costs and improve operational quality.

For more information, please contact WinActor Global Support Center, we support you in Southeast Asian countries; Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia
- Address: HITC Building, 239 Xuan Thuy Street, Dich Vong Hau District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.
- Email:
- Website:
- Facebook:
- Youtube: WinActor Global Support Center – APAC
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